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‘V-NET’ derived its name from the words ‘Vibration’ and ‘Network’, pursuing high quality maintenance based on IT

- Constructing database by processing signals(vibration, temperature, oil analysis, etc.) from sensors
- Ringing alarm when the signals from sensors match the range user sets. (via Program, SMS, E-mail)
- Collecting and comparing data from all points simultaneously
- Integrated monitoring system based on web


1. Equipment in Plant map

- Designing monitoring screen using images of equipment
- Reinforced visibility by building EASYWORK (WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get)
- Hierarchy of Plant, Process, Machine, Point

2. Measurement Parameter

- Parameter: Vibration(acceleration, velocity, displacement), Temperature, Pressure, Flux, Load, Electric Current, Voltage and others
- Vector: Time, Auto Spectrum, Order Spectrum, Envelop Spectrum
- Scalar: Band pass, Order Band pass, Envelop Band pass, DC, Crest Factor

3. Monitoring

- 3 types of monitoring : Plant map, Bar graph, Table
- Ability to monitor equipment on every screen or a group of specific equipment user wants

4. History management

- Supporting effective history management
- Searching, adjusting deleting, reporting history
- 4 types of history: Equipment, Failure, Repair, Diagnosis

5.Equipment MASTER

- Automatic analysis of defective frequency by entering equipment information
- Types of equipment: basic equipment, bearing, motor, gear, belt/pulley, pump, roller

6. Alarm

- Supporting 4 stages of alarm system
- Scalar Alarm: when data is on a spot
- Vector Alarm: when data is on multi-dimensional array

7. Real time data analysis

- Supporting to check and analyze data trend of specific points
- Measuring and saving real-time data

8. Checking changes of data

- Measuring sizes of data (vibration, sound, press, temperature, electric current, and Etc.) and comparing them to previous data
- Showing how much and fast data changed
- Ringing alarm when there is an abnormal data change - 3 stages(normal, warning, danger)

9. Predicting deterioration

- Analyzing data trend being measured now or during specific period of time
- Ability to predict breakdown and ideal time for preventative maintenance

10. Reporting

-Ability to load data needed for writing a report automatically

1. Hardware

- Independent operating system – ability to detect a defect and analyze the cause of a defect without a computer
- Integrated signal processing module allows users to process every signal from a single hardware
- Stand-alone type module using POE power – saving costs & reducing noise
- ‘Raw Data back up’ function to analyze the cause of an alarm
- Sensor Status provided

2. Software

- Detailed diagnosis via improved resolution (0.1Hz)
- High frequency analysis (flow oscillations, chattering, etc.)
(Max. frequency : 25,600Hz)
- Ability to recreate sound of machinery via sound-recording function
- Real-time monitoring of sensor status and network connectivity
- Multi-Plot screen allows users to compare different types of data
- Easy to manage via web monitoring
- Ability to calculate maintenance index (either entire plant or specific equipment) via FMI
(Factory Management Index) [Patented function]
- Defective spectrum allows even non-experts to be able to analyze [Patented function]


- Automobile
- Tire
- Iron
- Petrochemistry
- Electronics
- Lift
- Pump and dam
- Dynamo

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